COVID-19 Safety Guide

Here at One Eight Six, the safety of our guests and employees is paramount. With this in mind, there are some things we will be doing differently during your next visit and a few things we’d like you to do as well;

What we’re doing:

  • A full Covid Secure risk assessment has been carried out to ensure all areas of the venue and business operation have been considered in our plans
  • We will be operating as an all seated venue with tables arranged to allow social distancing
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided to every table for use exclusively by your group
  • Social distancing markings will help to control the flow of guests in high volume areas such as when smoking or queuing for bathrooms
  • Staff have been fully trained and will be making sure you visit is as safe as it is enjoyable. They will be washing their hands at least every 20 minutes and will always be provided with the appropriate PPE
  • Menus will be available to view online on guests own devices – if this doesn’t work for you, we will have single use menus ready to go

What we’d like you to do:

  • Please book ahead – this will help to speed up the process when you arrive and will help avoid having to hold people at the entrance
  • Please have a look at our menus in advance – you can find our full drinks menu here
  • Please keep your distance – there will be times when you need to travel through the venue so please keep your distance from employees and other guests as much as possible
  • Please stay seated – our staff are there to make sure you don’t need to lift a finger, so sit back, relax and once seated, please stay put
  • Customers are now required to wear face masks when entering, leaving or moving around the venue. Masks can be removed as soon as you are seated
  • Let us know if you need anything – our staff will be giving you more space than usual but don’t worry, they are still there to help so give them a wave and they will be with you